Blading Cup began in 2011 with a few ramps and vendors taking over a small part of the East End Downtown Santa Ana, home to THEM SKATES, and has grown into an event that draws competitors and spectators from over 20 countries.

Since then we have taken over multiple parts of downtown Santa Ana, air on the Fox Sports Channel, added a spring event, and now taking things overseas by hosting Blading Cup Asia.

Blading Cup is so much more than a contest, we also have a trade show where vendors get to interact with the community. This allows skaters to meet pros, see new product releases, and meet the people behind the brands. And it doesn’t stop there! We also have video premiers and work with local restaurants and bars for after parties and concerts. The community of skaters around the area also create local meet ups around Blading Cup so visitors can enjoy even more skating in an already jam packed weekend. Blading Cup has become a full weekend event for anyone and everyone to enjoy.

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